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FRIL3K Drone Race, World Championship qualifying event summery

We meet again, for the World championship qualifying event in Israel in the first AGP 3000 Race in the world. More than 20 of the best pilots in Israel met on the gress of the Hertzeliyah stadium to do test their skill in the first ever 3km drone race. Trying to qualify for the world championship in October.

Official After Movie:

AP Video by Eli Green:


1st Place: Daniel Mashraki

2nd Place: Dor Shmilovitz

3rd Place: Almog "Mad-Almog" Salhov

4th Place: Noam Smadja

5th Place: Rubi Liani


Thank you to the Hertzeliyah municipality for allowing the use of the Hertzeliyah stadium
and to our sponsors:






Thank you for the prize sponsors:



Team Black-sheep




Another Thanks Goes to Eli Green, Guy Strauss, and many many others in the community who came in crazy hours from far away to help us make this race happen and stayed till the very end, to help take the course apart and clean the stadium!
Thank you! You are awesome!!

FRIL3k Drone Race
FRIL3k Drone Race



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