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In the effort of making FPV Racing more accessible to new pilots we have started an FPV Racing Course. The course takes you through understanding the basics all the way to building and flying your very own FPV racing quadcopter.

The course consists of 12, one and a half hours, lessons where you will learn the basics and some more advance treats of flying FPV and help you start racing as soon as possible, in the best manner.

Course Syllabus
  • lesson 1: Intro and a quick run-through of all the required parts.
  • lesson 2: Theory 1, Motors, Esc’s and batteries
  • lesson 3: Theory 2, Flight-Controller, Power Distribution Board and Radio receiver
  • lesson 4: Theory 3, FPV and build diagram
  • lesson 5: Build 1, Motors, Esc’s and Frame assembly
  • lesson 6: Build 2, PDB, FC and Receiver.
  • lesson 7: Build 3, FPV
  • lesson 8: Theory 4, Cleanflight Configurator
  • lesson 9: Theory 5, PID
  • lesson 10: Flying 1, First time at the field, safety and best practices. Hovering and line-of-sight control.
  • lesson 11: Flying 2, First time FPV, safety, Do’s and don’t Do’s. Flying!
  • lesson 12: Flying 3, FPV practice under supervision and guidance.